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The Nquire group at University of the Basque Country, Bilbao (Spain) is a dynamic and creative team of international researchers that investigates in interdisciplinary fields related to quantum technologies. Nquire currently comprises three research groups. These are: “Quantum Computing and Architectures” led by Dr. Mikel Sanz,”Quantum designs and nanoscale technologies” led by Dr. Jorge Casanova, and “Quantum Optics and Quantum Control” led by Dr. Xi Chen.

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Quantum computing and architectures


Quantum designs and nanoscale technologies


Quantum optics and quantum control

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Informative talks by Nquirers

This last year our group has been active not only in the the scientific production, but we also have participated in s ...
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New paper accepted for publication in npj Quantum Information

The Quantum control and quantum Optics (QCQO) group lead by Xi Chen at NQUIRE has developed shortcuts to adiabaticity ...
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Developing a quantum hardware based on diamond.

The Quantum designs and nanoscale technologies group lead by Jorge Casanova at NQUIRE has signed a research agreement with the Arquimea company htt ...

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