Enhancing the Robustness of Dynamical Decoupling Sequences with Correlated Random Phases.

Bright solitons in a spin-tensor-momentum-coupled Bose-Einstein condensate.

Probabilistic eigensolver with a trapped-ion quantum processor.

Measurement-Based Adaptation Protocol with Quantum Reinforcement Learning in a Rigetti Quantum Computer.

Quantum Advantage in Cryptography with a Low-Connectivity Quantum Annealer.

Shortcuts to Adiabaticity for Optical Beam Propagation in Nonlinear Gradient Refractive-Index Media.

Smooth bang-bang shortcuts to adiabaticity for atomic transport in a moving harmonic trap.

Enhanced connectivity of quantum hardware with digital-analog control.

Wehrl entropy production rate across a dynamical quantum phase transition.

Dephasing-Protected Scalable Holonomic Quantum Computation on a Rabi Lattice.