Improving bounds for the critical circuit depth in noisy quantum processors

Author: Mateo Maximiliano Blanco Rodríguez
Advisor(s): Mikel Sanz and Matheus Capela
Master in Quantum Science and Technology
Publication year: 2023
Abstract: The landscape of Quantum Computation has changed much since the simulation of quantum problems using controllable quantum systems was proposed more than forty years ago by Feynman. In the last decade, we have gone from approximately 5 qubit quantum processors in 2016 to the wide variety and range of quantum devices accessible today in the cloud at IBM and other providers, topping at 433 qubits in the latest months. Of course, we are just restricting ourselves to the advances of superconducting qubits, but there is a bunch of qubit architectures and technologies. As relevant examples, we have trapped ions, cold atoms, nitrogen-vacancy centers; that also show impressive technological advances as the aforementioned superconducting qubits. However, all these quantum platforms share a handicap that jeopardizes the technological development: noise.
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