Informative talks by Nquirers

This last year our group has been active not only in the the scientific production, but we also have participated in several scientific divulgation events. Among all of them, we highlight two talks.

The 11th of May, our colleague Javier Gonzalez (@Conzavin) gave a talk in the Faculty of Science and Technology of the Basque Country University. He introduced quantum computing to bachelor and master students of the faculty, and reviewed some of the challenges that are yet to be solved.

Javier Gonzalez just at the start of his talk.

More recently, Mikel Garcia de Andoin gave a talk introducing quantum computing to the computer enthusiasts gathered at the Euskal Encounter meeting. He combined the talk with a workshop showing the basics for working with quantum algorithms.

Official interview by the Euskal Encounter (in spanish).

The main objective of these talks were to spread awareness about the capabilities of quantum computing, and encourage more people to start leaning about this exciting topics.

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